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Hamamatsu and the Lake Hamana area is home to world-class companies like Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawai, Roland, Hamamatsu Photonics, and many more.Starting from the textile industry in the Edo period, this rare industrial center has attracted medium, small, and venture companies that are pioneers of cutting-edge technologies in Japan, such as manufacturers of vehicles like cars and bikes, musical instruments, and optical equipment.Additionally, the bountiful land that includes the sea, lake, river, and mountain as well as the warm climate has also cultivated other industries like agriculture, food, tourism, and services.


Improvement of Working Conditions & Sustainable Development Goals & Human Resource Development
Business Management
Branding & Marketing
Photonics Industry&AI & Innovation
Disaster Management & Education
Agriculture & Food &Innovation
Craftsmanship & Manufacturing & Vehicles
Musical Instruments
Project Management

List of Companies

Company Name Theme  
Enegene Co.,Ltd. Branding / Sustainable Development Goals / Media Promotion / Human Resource Development / Improvement of Office・Working Environments / Disaster Management / Energy / LP Gas Refilling Demotuit
Tokiwa Kogyo Co.,Ltd. SDGs / Carbon Emission Reduction / ZEB (Net Zero Energy Building) / Work-Style Reforms / Value Creation Office / Project Management
Somic Ishikawa Inc. Toyota Production System / Production Streamlining / Human Resource Development / Sustainable Company Management
The Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries Photonics Technology / Management / Nurturing Entrepreneurs & Industrialists
OISCA Hamamatsu Kokusai High School OISCA SDGs Manifesto / Mini World Manifesto / Regional Cooperation Manifesto
Kyomaru-en Co.,Ltd. Universal Agriculture / Integration of Agriculture and Welfare / Employment of Persons With Disabilities / Agribusiness
❶ Mikkabi Agricultural Cooperative
❷ Goto Citrus Farm
Business efficiency / Branding / Agricultural Products / Agricultural Innovation
Torii Foods Inc. Small batch condiment development /Manufaturing / Product Development / Marketing
Hotel Wellseason Hamanako Hotel Wellseason Hamanako’s Hospitality
Kyorindo Pharmacy Co.,Ltd. Corporate Management / Branding Marketing / CSR / Human Resource Development / Disaster Prevention / and Education

Experience Traditional Culture

Company Name Theme
Hana no Mai Sake Brewing Guided sake brewery tour by head brewer
Meijiya Shoyu Soy sauce straining
Nihashi Dyeing Factory The traditional dyeing technique Hamamatsu Chusen tour

Tour facility

Facility Name
Yamaha Innovation Road  Sakichi Toyoda Memorial House
Yamaha piano factory tour Unagipie Factory
Yamaha Motor Communication Plaza Hamamatsu Science Museum

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  • ブラジアツアーズ (静岡県知事旅行業第3-550号)
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JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line

Tokyo Hikari …approx. 82min / Kodama …approx. 112min
Nagoya Hikari …approx. 31min / Kodama …approx. 43min
Osaka Hikari …approx. 70min / Kodama …approx. 43min


Tokyo 230km approx. 2h 40min (Tokyo I.C.〜 Hamamatsu I.C.)
Nagoya 95km approx. 70min (Nagoya I.C 〜 Hamamatsu I.C.)
Osaka 250km approx. 3h 30min (Toyonaka I.C.〜 Hamamatsu I.C.)